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Target Banner Ad Placement:

An advertiser can reach their objective by placing the banner ads at strategic points. Advertiser has the choice to position the banners in following places depending on it's target audience:

Banner Examples:

 Premium Leader Board  Top
468 x 60
View Location

 Premium Leader Board Centre
468 x 60
View Location

120 x 600
View Location

 High Rise
120 x 240
View Location

180 x 150
View Location

125 x 125
View Location

Micro Button
88 x 31
View Location

  Medium  Micro
120 x 60
View Location
Leaderboard: (Extra Large Bottom)
728 X 90
View Location

Other Banner sizes includes 125x125, 250x250, 120x300, 120x600 etc.

For Short Term Ad campaign - Low cost Sponsorship program - "A sure way to get noticed and reach to your potential customers. "

Most visited pages:

Why Banner Ad. Sponsorship?

  • More number of banners. More attention
  • Lowest rates. Value for the investment.

* If you are a advertising solution/Ad serving agency and want to promote your client we can work on CPM / CPC/ CPL model , based on the campaign and proposal.

Technical Specifications
.gif or .jpg files, 12k file size limit, animated loop limit of 5. No interstitials.



Does provide/create banner ad design for us?

Yes, but we charge extra for creating banner ad designs.

I don't have a web site, how can I advertise?

We can create a single page for you, residing on our server, with some information about your business and contact information. We charge extra for such services.

Can I monitor the traffic/hits through our banner ad to our web site?

Yes, you can. You will be given a user-id and password for this purpose.

What are the rates ?

Request a rate card  for customized design banner advertisement Contact us

Sales Contact

If you are interested in sponsorship of this site or if you have questions or request, please contact

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