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Why to advertise with ?

A sure way to get noticed, by millions of High quality, High profile and well educated  Gujarati's living all over the world to help them to find their soul mates. Today, hundreds of thousands of people have met their life partners through our revolutionary matchmaking service and countless others have made successful beginning of their match making process.

  • is the site of choice of INDIA, UK and US based high tech professionals.

  • Top ranked links by many Popular Search engines including Google, yahoo etc.

  • India's First & Largest 100% Genuine Members Gujarati Matrimonial.

  • Highly trafficked web site, gets millions of hits per month because of Hundreds of Thousands Possible Matches.

  • Due to largest Database of Registered Members on your advertisement  can attain a Maximum coverage.

  • Companies who advertised with experienced an overwhelming effective response.

  • has Extremely low and affordable advertisement rates compared to the market.

  • Users trust is our key value and that makes more possibilities for you to get the business, not just the click.

  • Visitors trust is important to us, and we are concerned about their interest. We take advertisement only from authentic companies and services.

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Traffic Statistics

Page Views: 1 Million / month
Average time on site: 32 minutes 55 Sec.
Unique visitors / Month more then 6,000
Web site Visitors: High quality, High profile and well educated  Gujarati's living all over the world
Age Group 18 and above

Is your target "High tech professionals" OR "Gujarati NRI" ?

This web site carries an extremely high potential, to attract more and more customers, at an exponential rate. Advertising on this web site, will definitely play a vital role in your business growth.

Most Popular and trusted web site among  High Tech Gujatati Professionals, and NRI aspirants.

Recent Advertisers:

Town and Country


  • International & Domestic  Airlines
  • Bankers
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Air Tickets International & Domestic
  • Restaurants
  • Honeymoon Packages Service Provider
  • Marriages & Party Halls
  • Catering Services
  • Gift to USA and Gift to INDIA
  • Sweet Shop
  • Wedding Card dealers
  • Brand Promotions
  • A travel agency gets several business leads every day.
  • A software consulting company got an extra ordinary response. Received more then 600 Profiles in a single month.
  • A Calling card telecom company, got 2000 hits in a single month.
  • Traditional Garments and apparels merchants
  • Jewelers
  • Astrologers, International couriers and Parcels.
  • Bridal wears, Groom wears Merchants, Cosmetic and perfume manufactures, Watches, Electronic and Electric appliances merchants, art and craft dealers.
  • Jobs and Placement Service Provider

Following are the results of the latest survey results:

Incredible: 88.06%.
Excellent: 8.94%
Good: 2.97%
OK: 0.03

How can help to promote my business?

  • Banner Ads : A banner is a graphic image (animated or non-animated, submitted by you) linked to your web site.
  • Text Links.
  • News Letters to users.
  • Strategic Channel partnership.

( Best solution for well established organizations who are Internet enable and targets Gujarati NRI.)

Target Banner Ad Placement:

An advertiser can reach their objective by placing the banner ads at strategic points. Advertiser has the choice to position the banners on various places of web pages which depending on it's target audience.

Sales Contact

If you are interested in sponsorship of this site or if you have questions or request, please contact

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